General Terms and Conditions -

1. Interpretation of terms

1.1. The following interpretation of terms applies to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions:

  • a) General Terms and Conditions = General terms and conditions of the History Car company – Tomáš Hána, residing at Tupolevova 469, Praha 9, 199 00, CZ; ID no. 03303560. The trade is carried out upon a trade licence issued by the Municipal Authority of Mělník.
  • b) Customer = any natural or legal person concluding a contract with History Car.


1.2. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all Contracts concluded between parties, regardless of the way they have been concluded.

1.3. By purchasing a ticket, the Customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Copies of the General Terms and Conditions of History Car are available on request, to be sent upon Customer’s demand.


2. Information, special requirements, discounts and fees

2.1. All information on the availability of tickets provided by History Car to its customers is not binding and without any guarantee.

2.2. Any special requirements of Customers regarding their ticket reservations may be submitted only by telephone or e-mail.


3. Method of payment

3.1. Payments shall be made in the following ways:

  • For bookings made through the website by GP WebPay, PayPal or a bank transfer.

Payment details (CZK):
Bank account: 115-7450520267/0100
IBAN: CZ7201000001157450520267

Payment details (EUR):
Bank account: 115-7509390277/0100
IBAN: CZ1101000001157509390277


4. Contract conclusion

4.1. If a Contract is concluded upon a payment for a booking made via, the Contract is concluded only then and in the extent of, if:

  • 1. History Car has received a payment from the Customer; and
  • 2. History Car has sent a written confirmation to the Customer that the Contract has been concluded.

Subsequently, the question of whether or not History Car has received the payment from the Customer, shall not be the deciding factor.

4.2. Until a Contract is concluded, any and all steps/activities taken by the Customer are considered to be an offer of the Customer.

4.3. If History Car does not receive the payment authorisation from the Customer, the Customer shall be informed of a failed transaction and non-conclusion of the Contract. If such information is not delivered to the Customer successfully, no rights shall be established.


5. Tickets and prices

5.1. Tickets supplied by History Car are and shall remain its property, and are delivered by History Car to the Customer under the condition that, without the prior written approval of History Car, the Customer shall never be entitled to:

  • a) Sell the Tickets to third parties or distribute the Tickets in any other way, directly or indirectly, to third parties;
  • b) Offer the Tickets in any way for the purpose of gaining profit or mention the Tickets in any other way for the purpose of gaining profit.


5.2. Should the situation described in 5.1. a) or 5.1. b) occur, History Car is entitled to declare the Tickets invalid; Holders of such Tickets shall not be admitted to the drives or experience events, nor shall they receive any entitlement to compensation.

5.3. History Car may inflict a fine on the Customer of ten times the amount of the value of such a transaction.

5.4. History Car reserves the right to determine the number of Tickets intended for reservation. Any reservation of Tickets exceeding such a limit shall be adjusted or cancelled.


6. Cancellation conditions

Should the Customer cancel a sightseeing drive or any of the packages less than 48 hours before the time reserved, the Customer is obliged to pay History Car 50 % of the order price. Should the Customer cancel an order less than 24 hours before the time reserved, the Customer is obliged to pay History Car 100 % of the order price.


7. Allocation of responsibilities

7.1. History Car shall bear no responsibility for any damage/losses due to death, injury, accidents, loss, damage, or theft caused by the Customer before, during, or as a consequence of their participation in experience events. The Tickets may not be replaced, admission and service fees paid will not be returned.

7.2. Should History Car not be able to meet its obligations to the Customer, partially or wholly, due to force majeure, the Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation.

7.3. Force majeure shall include: wars, risk of wars and demonstrations, prohibitions and limitations issued by national or foreign institutions, serious disasters, fires, strikes, defects of or damages to equipment and operational systems, transport prohibitions/strikes, floods, traffic closures and sabotages, and generally unforeseeable circumstances in the Czech Republic and abroad preventing History Car from meeting its obligations resulting from the contract.

7.4. History Car bears no responsibility for Customer’s loss of the Tickets due to any reason. Thus, from the moment the Ticket is made available, the Customer is fully responsible for possible loss, theft, damage, or misuse of the Ticket.

7.5. History Car bears no responsibility for the purchase and delivery of Tickets not purchased at History Car, and accepts no responsibility for Contracts not concluded with History Car but indirectly with a third party, for example on a site at which an experience event takes place.

7.6. All complaints related to the Tickets purchased at History Car are subject to these Terms and Conditions.


8. Personal data protection

Information related to Customers is stored in compliance with valid Czech legislation, particularly with Act no. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, and subsequent amendments and regulations.

The Customer agrees with the processing and storing of their personal data in the seller’s database. The Customer has the right to access their personal data, to have it protected and changed, including other rights related to their personal data. The Customer’s personal data can be removed from the database upon a written request of the Customer. Customers’ personal data is fully secured against misuse. The contractor shall not submit Customers’ personal data to any third party, with the exception of external carriers to whom the Customers’ personal data is presented in a minimum scope necessary for the transport of clients.


9. Contract cancellation and other provisions

9.1. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions become invalid, either partially or wholly, the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract shall remain valid. In such a case that the Parties have agreed to conclude another agreement regarding the invalid or cancelled provision(s), this agreement must correspond to intentions of the Parties as it did at the time of the conclusion of these General Terms and Conditions.

9.2. Any amendments or changes to this Contract on the General Terms and Conditions shall be made in writing.

9.3. Any complaints of the Customers regarding the quality of services provided by History Car shall be sent to

9.4. Any disputes possibly resulting from the Contract and/or these General Terms and Conditions between History Cars and a Customer who does not carry out their occupation or trade activity in the Czech Republic but has a place of permanent residence there, shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic and must be submitted to the appropriate court of justice.

9.5. Any disputes possibly resulting from the Contract and/or these General Terms and Conditions between History Cars and a Customer who carries out their occupation or does not carry out their trade activity and does not live in the Czech Republic, or a Customer who neither carries out their occupation or trade activity nor has a place of permanent residence there, shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic and must be submitted to the Regional Court of Justice in Prague or to another appropriate court of justice as required by History Car.


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